Founded in 1946 by Mr. Roland Estival, the company moved to the Ivry-sur-Seine site and then did mechanical modeling dedicated to the creation of foundries for its customers.

The company was bought in 1982 by Mr. Vercelloti (owner of MP in Turin). Its activity then also affects control models.

In 1986 the company moved to the Hay-les-Roses site and was equipped with its first milling machine and the first CAD stations. The activities of plastics processing and Models to strike also start….

in 1995, the company expanded and moved to the current site of Voisins-Le-Bretonneux. It is equipped with its first JOBS milling machine (model 243). The activity also extends to proto concrete stamping tools for PSA Sochaux, and to finishing piles. It is also the first discussions with Design Renault that will lead the company to produce its first mock-up of driving positions and its first semi-hollow shell (for the X83).

The Stola group (based in Turin) then bought the company in 1999 from M. vercelloti. It’s time for RIM injection molds. Estival was also equipped with a second JOBS milling machine (243 HSM) in 2000 and its first LINX in 2004.

2007 marks the start of the vacuum metallization activity as well as the arrival of the second JOBS LINX, in particular to extend the Clay milling activity. The overall activity is then almost that which the company knows today even if the saddlery and the electronics will arrive a little later.

In 2010 Estival produced its first Concept Car for Renault (ZOE Preview) presented at the Mondial in Paris 2010. This marks the entry of the company into the very closed club of “coachbuilders” whose achievements line the pages of magazines and are enthroned proudly. on the stands of car manufacturers. Renault will then entrust the Twin’Z concept car (Milan 2012) as well as the Alpine Vision Gran Turismo (February 2015). Peugeot and Citröen will also entrust the realization of concepts with Quartz (Paris 2014) and AirCross (Shanghai 2015) respectively.

In 2014, the Stola group reorganized, Estival was sold 100% to the EuroWeld group, itself 100% owned by the Stola group (under the Metec Holding)

Since February 18, 2016, the company Estival has been a member of the R3S International group, which also owns the company teclinea, whose Machines and Systems division designs and manufactures chassis for automobile-style models in particular.